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Is there another way to pay medical bills if the store or property owner wasn’t at fault?

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There is a possibility that the business you were injured at carries Med-Pay Coverage. This will pay for medical expenses for injuries on the property, no matter who is actually at fault, no matter who would win in a premises liability case. Many times owners of businesses want to be sure there is a way to keep their customers satisfied in case of injury that is not the business owner’s fault. An example would be if a customer is injured, due to their own error, such as tripping and breaking a bone. Med-Pay would cover the expenses, under the no fault terms of the endorsement up to a certain dollar amount. These amounts differ with various policies.

It should be noted that if you proceed and have a favorable decision in a premises liability case and you have been compensated (or the medical bills were paid) by Med-Pay, these amounts will be deducted from the award from your settlement.

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