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Consumer Protection Law and Agencies

Product liability is governed by a large number of federal and state regulations, statutes, and orders. Plaintiffs can gain a large advantage by showing that a manufacturer or seller violated one or more of these statutes. The Consumer Products Safety Act also allows consumers to recover damages through a civil lawsuit. In addition, products such as aircrafts, automobiles, medical devices, appliances, packaging, chemicals, and many others must meet specific guidelines and requirements. You or your attorney may contact the following agencies for more information about regulations and government services:


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published numerous regulations on workplace safety and health standards.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration develops safety standards for vehicles and enforces the notification of defects to owners.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's mission is to reduce consumer injuries. The Commission issues alerts when a product is found unsafe, and can provide valuable information.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a number of publications regarding pollution and chemical safety standards.

The Federal Highway Administration is concerned with highway safety and conducts research on bus and truck safety.

The U.S. Coast Guard sets standards and investigates consumer complaints of defective boats or ships. They issue notifications to boat or ship owners when defects are discovered.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration publishes standards for foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. The FDA has information on product ingredients and manufacturing methods.

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State police or highway patrols can provide information about regulations on the use and equipment of vehicles.

Many state fire marshals issue regulations and standards for safe building design and construction.

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